Thursday, 17th April, 2014

Paradise Tackle Company Review

Bass fishing jig head review.

This review was highly anticipated by the members of Paradise Tackle Company was kind enough to send us several of their jigs for review. The jigs come in various sizes, head styles, and colors. The first thing I noticed upon receiving the jigs was the quality of the paint. To me this is one of the tale tale signs of a high or low quality jig. No one wants to throw a jig a few dozen times only to see the paint deteriorating. After studying and using these jigs I can tell Paradise takes great pride in the painting of their jig heads.

Bass fishing jig head review.


The next thing I looked at was the hooks. The hooks are securely planted in the head with an ultra sharp point and barb. The skirts are hand tied to the jigs. To be honest, I did not realize how much of a difference this makes. So, I went to a local tackle shop and spoke with the merchant, which I have known for years. He filled me in on the difference: Hand tying the skirts keeps them more secure and they will not deteriorate as easily as skirts rubber banded to the head. The merchant only had one brand of hand tied jigs in his store and he let me know those were the only ones he used or recommended.

Paradise tackle company bass fishing jig heads.


So after a couple days of tedious review and scrutiny. I can honestly say Paradise Tackle Company produces some of the finest jigs I have ever seen.


BassRumors grade of Paradise Tackle Company Jig heads is an A


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